Note from the Chairman!

Voter turnout will be the most important thing to focus on this mid-term election. Chelan County needs to turnout more than 85% of the Republican/Conservative vote to make sure King County doesn’t win. We have heard many say “it doesn’t matter if I vote…..Seattle will decide who wins”. NOT TRUE!!!! With 85% voter turnout in our county alone, we can change the dynamics of the King County vote. So, no more excuses!! Tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell anyone who thinks like you do to turn in their ballots! If they need us to pick them up….we will! It’s time to say enough is enough!

Help us change history by electing Dino Rossi for Congress and Susan Hutchison for U S Senate (against Maria Cantwell). Helping us in these two races will ensure we win all our local races also.

Endorsed by the Chelan County Republican Central Committee

District Court:

Allen Blackmon-Endorsed
Kyle Mott

Roberto Castro

Superior Court Position 2 –No endorsement of either candidate. The board felt both men to be exceptionally qualified and would not present activism from the bench:

Robert McSeveney
Travis Brandt

Superior Court Position 3:

Kristin Fererra
Charles Steinberg-Endorsed

Legislative District 12-position 1:

Keith Goehner-Endorsed
JD Greening

Legislative District 12-position 2:

Mike Steele-Endorsed

Chelan County Commissioner-District 2:

Shon Smith-Endorsed

Congressional District 8:

Dino Rossi-Endorsed

U S Senate:

Susan Hutchison-Endorsed

State Representative position 2

Mike Steele – Endorsed

Chelan County Sheriff

Brian Burnett-Endorsed

Chelan County Assessor

Deanna Walter – Endorsed